ARE is an end-to-end, turn-key solutions provider of engineering, UAS and software


We serve as the rail and bridge engineer for several short-line railroads, specializing in rail engineering, bridge engineering, bridge inspections, load ratings and reports compliant with FRA requirements. We keeps our clients’ best interests forefront in the design and bidding of repairs. We work alongside construction companies to ensure quality workmanship meeting AREMA and other applicable codes. Our team uses customized inspection forms that are linked to ARE’s database and rating programs to derive bridge ratings using Cooper E Series live load per AREMA. These ratings are compared with clients’ equipment (Cooper equivalents) to determine safe loadings.

UAS Data Solutions

Make informed business decisions with a more comprehensive understanding of your infrastructure and terrain requirements. Data collected from a UAS provides a more thorough look at the health of your assets, while providing a safer, and more cost effective method of data capture. We don’t just collect data; we securely store it, process it and deliver information to make your job easier. Our AirShark team specializes in infrastructure inspection, photogrammetry, LiDAR, video and image capture. We also provide customized solutions.


Railroad bridge inspection mobile application with photo management, FRA compliant reports and data management through a website portal


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Providing Services to the Following Markets

In-depth Railroad Industry Knowledge, Customized Solutions, Innovative Delivery
Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Storm Damage Assessment, Rapid Response
Environmental Monitoring, Ecological Assessment and Mapping, Stormwater Management Support, Shoreline Inspection & Mapping
Quick, safer, more effective
Get the data you need, while keeping your team safely on the ground
Industrial Campus Scanning, for architectural planning, map development, marketing
Commercial buildings, aggregate sites, landfills, infrastructure construction

Providing Solutions Nationwide

Maximize the ROI for your Environmental and Structural Assets

Our outside-the-box approach to solving engineering and data collection challenges results in impactful solutions.