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With the use of our proprietary software (still in development), Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), and a highly qualified team of professional engineers, ARE offers comprehensive rail and bridge management to short-line rail owners all over the country. Our technologically advanced team specializes in rail bridge management, inspection, load rating, design and repair, and railroad line assessment, with deliverables far exceeding that of our competitors. We help you keep your rail assets safe and compliant with FRA requirements.


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Energy generation, transmission assets, wind turbines and solar panels require attention to detail and that’s where UAS can help. By flying above and below structures we can provide detailed imagery, highlighting irregularities and defects to help make improved decisions. Some of our products include : 2D and 3D maps & orthoimagery, classified LiDAR point clouds, high zoom geo-referenced imagery, high-resolution stabilized video, live feeds, infrared thermography (IR), and normalized differential vegetation index data (NDVI).

The AirShark flight team helped plan, mobilize, fly, and process a very large data set for 2 bridges carrying Interstate 89 over the White River, the New England Central Railroad, and VT Route 107. The team coordinated with our engineering firm, the state of Vermont, traffic control, sheriff, state police, local farmer, and their own team very well. I would strongly consider using a UAS to support bridge inspections and utilize AirShark for this work in the future.
Shannon Beaumont
P.E., CLD|Fuss & O’Neill
When we needed quick results on aerial survey of a stone quarry in controlled air space, AirShark responded promptly with their existing airspace waivers and network of licensed pilots. 18 hours after we called the mission was complete.
Marshall Rich
AirShark helped to plan, mobilize, and deliver accurate GIS and LiDAR data for a VELCO site under development. They have flown/mapped this site three times, and we have found the UAS provided data as an excellent source of information to complement our internal planning process
Andrew Flynn
GISP, VELCO GIS Analyst/Developer
AirShark, under contract to Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park, recently supplied digital aerial photographs that detailed the buildings and landscape using an unmanned aircraft. This is the first time a commercially operated UAS has been operated for a park since the National Park Service issued interim policy that closed parks to the operation of unmanned aircraft in 2014.


Small UAS equipped with sensors, help support environmental and natural resource applications. Whether it’s assisting in Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment support for regulators, documenting coastal change over time for communities, or providing volume calculations of aggregate sites, UAS help provide spatial and temporal intelligence in a cost-effective and less intrusive manner than other means.


ARE can provide construction sites a 30,000 ft view of an entire project to benefit project managers, supervisors and project owners with real time documentation for better informed decision making. With an end to end solution, including project planning, data collection, post processing and data analysis, ARE has worked with rock quarries, waste management facilities, commercial building owners/managers, and engineering firms nationwide. We can accommodate weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual monitoring to assist in site planning, asset monitoring, and project documentation.

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Drones are rapidly replacing hazardous inspection and monitoring of telecommunication assets. Telecommunication infrastructure is typically spread over vast distances and across often inhospitable terrain. Manual monitoring of these assets is difficult, expensive and often hazardous. ARE provides 3D modeling, geospatial mapping, data cataloging with high-resolution geotagged imagery and video, to make asset management safer, easier and faster, and more affordable. The customized reports that we create will provide you with the information you need to make intelligent decisions about your telecom assets.


Our complex transportation network, which includes roads, bridges, railroads, and airports, is aging and requires routine inspections. Today, many inspections are done with lift trucks, boats, cranes, or people climbing. ARE is developing software to better assist bridge inspectors with report generation, capital planning and data management. With the combination of UAS and software developed by ARE, we are able to significantly improve the safety, data gathering, data management, image cataloging and reporting.


Higher Educational Institutions are regularly changing to keep up with continuing education. As new facilities are being built, the college landscape changes but Google Earth does not. We provide up to date LiDAR, 3D modeling, and photogrammetry for universities or facilities within days. Whether you are planning a new build, investigating drainage, ensuring a well lit campus or looking for some beautiful imagery for your website, ARE can help.

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