Infrastructure Inspection

Pinpointing high-risk components and generating a quantifiable record of your assets, while improving safety and reducing costs

Aerial Inspections

With real-time results, a variety of top-of-the-line sensors, an impeccable safety record and true professionals gathering and processing your sensitive data, our team provides a world-class infrastructure inspection solution. Examples include:

Geotagged Imagery – Power Line Inspections, Bridge Inspections, Wind Turbines

High-Resolution Video – Industrial Chimneys, Buildings

Aerial LiDAR Scan – Transmission Line Sag, Post-storm Damage, Right-of-way Management

Thermal Imagery – Solar Panel Inspections, Concrete Structures, Roof-Top Inspections

High-Resolution Imagery / Video

An inspection is only as good as the information that can be taken away from it and passed on to stakeholders. With proprietary inspection reports maintained by Professional Engineers, and FAA Remote Pilots capturing imagery with high-resolution sensors, ARE provides you with a crisp, clear look at your assets, in an organized, deliverable, and customized way to give you the most important information upfront.

LiDAR Scan

ARE provides LiDAR scans using high-quality sensors on top-of-the-line drones with an accuracy of 2-5 cm.

  • We process the point cloud
  • Classify it to your needs
  • Store it for future reference
  • Provide information in an easy to use format

Do you have a specific use case in mind? Contact us to speak with a representative about your next project.

Thermal Imagery

Infrared cameras can tell a different story than a visual inspection. Using the industry-standard FLIR camera system, thermal images can find hotspots and minute details often not apparent to the naked eye. ARE’s certified thermographers and remote pilots can augment your asset inspections by capturing:

  • Broken cells in a solar panel
  • Temperature anomalies on a transmission line
  • A leaky roof top
  • Concrete delamination on a bridge or roadway
AirShark has been a leader in promoting the safe and appropriate use of UAS in the national airspace by tackling this issue locally with all stakeholders.
Chris Poreda
Poreda Aviation Law, Former FAA Council New England Region
The AirShark flight team helped plan, mobilize, fly, and process a very large data set for 2 bridges carrying Interstate 89 over the White River, the New England Central Railroad, and VT Route 107. The team coordinated with our engineering firm, the state of Vermont, traffic control, sheriff, state police, local farmer, and their own team very well. I would strongly consider using a UAS to support bridge inspections and utilize AirShark for this work in the future.
Shannon Beaumont
P.E., CLD|Fuss & O’Neill

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