Bridge Management

ARE serves as an extension of railroad staff, providing inspection, engineering and planning services to short line and regional railroads throughout the continental United States

Advancing Bridge Safety

We partner with our clients to obtain a clear understanding of their present and future traffic volumes, carloads and operations, including future plans to increase volume or load capacity. We work every day to improve systems, procedures and practices related to bridge safety management. This includes making sure bridges have been inspected according to schedule, reports are reviewed and filed correctly, load rating capacity is adequate for expected traffic, and repairs are initiated and constructed as designed.

bridge management

Railroad Bridge Engineer Case Studies

Bridge Management - On-call Services

Pittsburg, KS
2014 - Present
    Scope Includes
  • Railroad Bridge Engineer (RBE) supporting several of Watco’s railroads with overall bridge safety.

Comprehensive Bridge Safety Services

Lakeville, MN
2010 - Present
    Scope Includes
  • ARE, as the designated Railroad Bridge Engineer, communicates regularly with Progressive Rail’s management and MOW personnel to maintain bridge safety throughout their growing family of railroads.

Railroad Bridge Engineer & Bridge Management Services

Westland, MI
2014 - Present
    Scope Includes
  • Responsible for bridge engineering, inspection and rating of more than 40 structures on 67 miles of rail in the Lansing area of Michigan.

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