Bridge Rating

ARE’s experienced and trained engineers prepare bridge ratings and load bearing capacity of railroad bridges – measuring the structural integrity of railroad bridges based on original plans adjusted by current conditions.

A Tool for Strategic Asset Management Decisions

Railroads have a need to understand the capacity of their bridges to carry current and expected loads. Our engineering team has rated thousands of railroad bridges throughout the country, and has developed programming to evaluate all bridge types. Our internal processes are continually assessed to improve the deliverables to our clients and the efficiencies of our team. We have structured procedures for bridge ratings and inspections that result in a thorough analysis of our clients’ capital facilities.

bridge load rating software

Bridge Rating Case Studies

NPBL Rating Analysis

Chesapeake, VA
    Scope Includes
  • Railroad Bridge Inspection, Rating and Engineering

Lake State Railway System Wide Bridge Rating

Saginaw, MI
2010 - Present
    Scope Includes
  • Bridge Ratings, Bridge Inspection, Repair management and plans

Numerous Truss Ratings, KNWA Railroad

Ohio and West Virginia
    Scope Includes
  • Prepare systemwide ratings based on current conditions as found in field inspections, reports and repair plans. The system includes several complicated trusses and complex bridge structures.

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