Meet the Team

Committed to our community, customers and our environment

At ARE, we are committed to a culture of continuous improvement and empowering ingenuity. We are an innovative team of engineers, inspectors, FAA certified pilots, GIS analysts, remote sensing specialists, and so much more. Our employees are professional, passionate, hardworking and are motivated to make the world a safer place. While respecting the importance of a sustainable future, we are dedicated to an environmentally friendly approach to our work. We take pride in our community outreach programs and the opportunity to work with leading organizations, charities and institutions across the country. We embrace diversity, initiative and new technology. As a company we take pride in going the extra mile to champion new ideas and approaches. It’s the ARE way…and we have a place for you.

Who We Are

David R. Anderson, PE

Chief Executive Officer, Project Management & Quality Control

Fred Depuy

Chief Strategy Officer

Angelique Lucero

Chief Financial Officer

Walt Bleser, PE

Strategic Advisor to the Board

Steven Williams, PE

Associate Vice President of Engineering

Ian Ray

Director of UAS Technology / UAS Pilot

Sam Johnson

Director of UAS Operations / UAS Pilot

Eduardo Madrigal Ortiz, PE

Manager, Engineering Services

Steven W. Youschak

Executive Vice President

Jon Budreski

Director of Business Development / UAS Pilot

Lindsey Morrissey

Marketing Manager / UAS Pilot

Nicholas Ray, EIT

Manager of Engineering Projects & Technology Implementation / UAS Pilot

William (Billy) Fellmeth

Chief Pilot

Aja Lucero

Business Applications Analyst / Office Manager

Tyler Hjelm, PE

Railroad Bridge Inspection Manager / UAS Pilot

Taylor Evans, EIT

EIT, Bridge Inspector

Taylor Lucero

Product Owner

Chris Ngo

Assistant Bridge Inspector

Rhoda Deng

Project Manager, UAS Client Solutions

Tayler Engel

Lead GIS Analyst / UAS Pilot

Shaun Faulkner, EIT

Lead Bridge Inspector

Alex Szwez

Lead Bridge Inspector

Ryan Kaulbach

Bridge Inspector/ Engineer

Michael Cristiani

Bridge Inspector / Engineer

Kim Shellenberger

GIS Technician / UAS Safety Coordinator

Keegan Barrett

UAS Project Engineer

Our Offices

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Be part of a growing team in an emerging industry. We have an innovative team, capitalizing on the newest technology to improve the way work is done across the rail and utility industries. At ARE we have a wide range of talents and positions for everyone with varying backgrounds. Interested? Click below to find out more.

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