Bridge Design and Repair

ARE designs for improved service and longer service life with the entire bridge inventory and owner’s budget in mind.

Improve Performance and Minimize Cost

ARE works with railroads across the country providing long-term solutions for the management of their railroad bridges based on our bridge design engineers with years of experience and ingenuity that separate us from other bridge design companies. We partner with our clients to maintain the overall health of their bridge assets. We work within our client’s requirements for schedule, budget, function and sustainability, always with the focus of safety first.

bridge design and repair

Railroad Bridge Design and Repair Case Studies

BLU Bridge Strengthening

North Carolina
    Scope Includes
  • ARE assessed, rated and designed strengthening repairs of this deck truss bridge.

Ohio River Bridge Strengthening Repairs

    Scope Includes
  • ARE assessed, rated and designed strengthening repairs to the Ohio River bridge.

NYS&W Truss Strengthening

New York
    Scope Includes
  • SARE prepared bridge ratings and repair plans for three different trusses in New York.

Maximize the ROI for your Environmental and Structural Assets

Our outside-the-box approach to solving engineering and data collection challenges results in impactful solutions.