Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Storm Damage Assessment, Rapid Response

Serving the Future

Energy generation, transmission and distribution assets require regular inspections as well as post storm assessments. UAS provide detailed imagery from all angles, using various sensors to capture a full picture of the health of your assets. ARE processes the data into a deliverable that helps you better plan for the future and make more informed decisions. Some of our deliverables include:

  • Classified LiDAR point clouds
  • 2D and 3D maps & orthoimagery
  • Oblique aerial images
  • High-resolution stabilized video
  • Live feeds
  • Infrared thermography (IR)
  • Normalized differential vegetation index data (NDVI)

Energy Generation

Renewable sources of energy are becoming increasingly common across the globe. Regular inspection and asset management are required to keep assets operating at their peak performance. With the use of UAS, we can inspect these energy sources faster and safer than ever before.

  • Wind turbines
  • Solar generation
  • Hydroelectric generation

We gather geotagged data and organize it into a customized report with the use of:

  • High-zoom lenses
  • FLIR cameras
  • Professional remote pilots
  • Certified thermographers

Transmission and Distribution

The U.S. electricity transmission system consists of over 150,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines and 5.5 million miles of distribution lines. That is a staggering amount, and in many cases these lines are decades old. These long linear assets, critical to our country’s infrastructure, require regular inspection and are not always easy to get to.

  • Cracked insulators
  • Rotting wooden poles
  • Sagging wires
  • Loose cotter pins
  • Overgrown vegetation

These problems can lead to expensive down times and upset regulators and ratepayers. With the use of small UAS, utilizing a variety of sensors, ARE provides detailed inspections to help utility providers catch issues before they become a problem.

Storm Damage Assessment

Whether it’s hurricanes, ice storms, and-or extreme heat or cold, every utility faces its own set of weather-related issues that can leave customers in the dark. Rapid deployment of an inspection team with the proper equipment and knowledge to asses the situation is critical to minimizing down time and protecting against future damage. ARE’s rapid response team can get to the scene quickly, provide live feed video to stakeholders, and rapidly process data giving decision makers the knowledge they need to make repairs.

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