Blog Post
26 Nov 2019
UAS LiDAR at Night
Utilizing FAA Nighttime Waiver for LiDAR Data Acquisition Author: Fred Depuy, COO “Clear” …. Those were the last words I heard before watching our UAS LiDAR Sensor entering the airspace under our…
Blog Post
20 Nov 2019
LiDAR for Utility Line Assessment
How UAS LiDAR Data Helps Utility Companies Author: Andrew Mallin Throughout the last century, utility providers maintained and inspected their networks through a boots-on-the-ground process that has typically required inspectors to be…
Blog Post
7 Nov 2019
Benefits of Aerial Thermal Imagery
Author: Andrew Mallin, UAS/GIS Solutions Specialist Our clients face various challenges and to help them make informed decisions, ARE Corp. flies a variety of sensors onboard our UAS platforms. Today, we'll be…
4 Nov 2019
AREview™ Videos
Railroad Bridge Management for the Digital Age   [embed][/embed]   [embed][/embed]   Request Demo
Blog Post
28 Oct 2019
Overcoming Unique Challenges of UAS Bridge Inspections
[caption id="attachment_4535" align="alignright" width="339"] Nick Ray, Lead Bridge Inspector / UAS Pilot uses an sUAS to capture images of the underside of the bridge deck.[/caption] Using UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) to get…
Blog Post
20 Sep 2019
Railroad Bridge Inspection Just Got A Little Easier
Author: Ian Anderson, Chief Product Officer The railroad industry is using technology to manage its infrastructure in really cool ways, but our bridge inspectors felt something was missing. Managing Excel files, inspection…
Blog Post
17 Sep 2019
Utilizing UAS Based LiDAR Compared to Photogrammetric Techniques
Author: Katelyn Wood, Marketing Coordinator  Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS or Drone) provide an alternative approach to traditional terrestrial and aerial acquisition mapping and ground-based surveys. Picking up where traditional methods of acquisition…
Blog Post
19 Aug 2019
Great Bay LiDAR Scan
Author: Katelyn Wood, Marketing Coordinator  Recently, ARE partnered with Quantum Spatial, Inc. to complete a drone-based lidar scan of four locations within Great Bay, New Hampshire, to support ongoing monitoring programs at…
22 Jul 2019
FAA Grants Approval to ARE-AirShark for Drone Operations Over People
Author: Lindsey Mitchell, Safety Coordinator / UAS Pilot The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued ARE-AirShark a Certificate of Waiver, allowing certified Remote Pilots to safely fly a parachute-equipped sUAS (small Unmanned…
Blog Post
16 Jul 2019
Empowering Ingenuity™️
Author: Fred Depuy, COO Empowering Ingenuity™️. These words hold a special meaning to our team here at ARE.  It’s more than just our slogan, it’s our culture, our vision, and our purpose. …
Blog Post
15 Jul 2019
AREMA 2019 Conference
Author: Katelyn Wood, Marketing Coordinator  Over the last year and a half Nick Ray, a Lead Bridge Inspector and UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Pilot at ARE, has played an integral role in…

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