Blog Post
13 Jun 2019
Applying Agile and Lean Thinking
Every company has its challenges with delivering new products or technology to the market.  Especially when speed-to-market and developing a consistent and sustainable process are the overarching goals.  It can feel as…
4 Jun 2019
ARE Corporation Webinars
UAS Case Study for Beach Erosion Management Webinar [embed][/embed]   Five Considerations When Building a UAS Program Webinar [embed][/embed]   Intro to UAS Training Webinar [embed][/embed]   Application Examples of UAS LiDAR…
17 May 2019
ARE Executive Vice President, Steven Youschak, on ACEC Podcast
Hear from Steven Youschak, Executive Vice President of ARE Corporation, and his new position as Chairman of ACEC's (American Council of Engineering Companies) Affiliate Advisory Committee. Steven dives into the use of…
14 May 2019
Who are we? ARE
Blog Post
13 May 2019
Applying Lean Thinking at ARE Corp.
By Fred Depuy, COO ARE simplifies the process of collecting, managing and utilizing information through on-site engineering, UAS technology and software solutions for the infrastructure and environmental markets. Through customized deliverables, we…
Case Studies
7 May 2019
Plainfield Recreation Road Erosion and Gully Alternatives LiDAR Analysis
Introduction With the increased need for real-time results in today’s world, on-foot inspection is not always the best approach for collecting site characterization data. This particular project involves a very dense area…
25 Apr 2019
ARE’s Drone Landing on a F-150 Truck
Blog Post
24 Apr 2019
Bridge Pier Repair
ARE is currently helping a Shortline Railroad client with an issue on a major bridge crossing. Our engineers received a call in January 2019, about an old swing span bridge that had…
23 Apr 2019
Hear from Fred Depuy, COO of ARE Corporation
Blog Post
19 Apr 2019
LiDAR News Article
ARE-Solidifying its Place in the LiDAR Industry   After receiving his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Dave Anderson entered the professional world of engineering and bridges. This became…
Blog Post
25 Mar 2019
Post-Storm Assessment for Eversource Energy
LiDAR Scan and Detailed Inspection of Distribution Network ARE-AirShark recently participated in a pilot project with Eversource Energy to evaluate the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in distribution infrastructure assessment and Post-Storm response. This project…
Blog Post
20 Feb 2019
5S In The Workplace
ARE has started to implement 5S in the workplace as the foundation to our safety plan. 5S is a system for organizing spaces so work can be performed efficiently, effectively, and safely.…

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