7 Feb 2023
It’s Official: New CEO and President at ARE
Dave Anderson is transferring leadership to Walt Bleser After a 50 + year career, Dave Anderson will be entering a well-deserved retirement. Dave has experienced a successful career as a Professional Engineer…
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14 Jun 2021
BVLOS Waiver Granted
ARE is Awarded Waiver for BVLOS Operations in Mountainous Terrain On April 27, 2021, ARE was awarded a BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) waiver for sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) utility…
2 Mar 2021
Millimeter-Class UAS (drone) Data
ARE Partners with Visual Intelligence Delivering Millimeter-Class UAS (drone) Data for Rail and Utility Engineering Services ARE and Visual Intelligence announce a partnership to bring the benefits of millimeter-class UAS (drone) data…
17 Feb 2021
ISNetworld Compliant
We are pleased to announce that American Rail Engineers Corporation is an active member of ISNetworld. We have centralized our compliance data within ISNetworld and streamlined our reporting process, making it easier…
Blog Post
29 Oct 2020
Fusing Drone Based LiDAR & Multi-beam Data
Ocean Surveys, Inc. (OSI) & ARE Corporation have been collaborating on a multi-survey effort to provide mapping data for scientists and regulators to enable post-construction benthic habitat assessment within the estuarine portion…
4 Oct 2020
Customized UAS Solutions
At the heart of ARE is an engineering and technology company committed to finding solutions to decrease risk, increase efficiency and reduce expense.  Our UAS and Engineering teams have recently been working…
12 Aug 2020
Sock Line Pull Prototype
Over the last several months, the ARE-AirShark UAS and engineering team have been putting their skills to work. The team has developed a payload, attached to an sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial System)…
12 Aug 2020
Safety Line Harness Drop
Safe, Reliable and Easy to Deploy Ever thought about what’s required to set a safety line harness on top of an energized distribution line pole in the field? Between the cost and…
Blog Post
24 Jul 2020
UAS LiDAR Data Collection the ARE Way
An Alternative Tool for Inspecting Telecom Towers Author and Photographer: Aja Lucero Here at ARE, we move quickly and efficiently.  Operations begin once an open opportunity has been converted to a Closed-Won…
22 Jun 2020
Ordering a Combo
Bridges and drones go together perfectly when it comes to inspections Author: Dave Anderson, P.E., and Nick Ray, EIT Bridges and drones. Now that’s a combination. But why? Are there direct benefits…
Blog Post
10 Jun 2020
Managing Through Difficult Times
Nothing Prepares You For This. Or is That Really True? Written By:  Fred Depuy, Chief Strategy Officer Everyone thinks about their business.  It’s employees.  It’s financial health.  Achieving its vision.  Finding a…
Blog Post
1 Jun 2020
How 3 Value Streams Become ONE Combined Solution
Author: Fred Depuy, Chief Strategy Officer Value Streams are a set of defined steps in a process (flow) complimented by a relentless commitment to removing waste in the process (workflow).  The more…

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