Fusing Drone Based LiDAR & Multi-beam Data

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29 Oct 2020

Ocean Surveys, Inc. (OSI) & ARE Corporation have been collaborating on a multi-survey effort to provide mapping data for scientists and regulators to enable post-construction benthic habitat assessment within the estuarine portion of the Eversource Energy Seacoast Reliability Project, a.k.a. the Little Bay, NH cable installation project. https://lnkd.in/ectzteE

Ocean Surveys (OSI), an established and respected name in the U.S. marine surveying industry, has over 50 years of experience in acquiring and presenting marine survey data and procurement of sediment samples. These are OSI’s sole business lines. OSI’s substantial multi-beam survey capability, capacity, and expertise are a perfect complement to ARE’s analogous aerial LiDAR survey expertise.  The strategic relationship enjoyed by the collaborating firms allows us to offer turn-key mapping solutions for challenging intertidal and near-shore areas with myriad applications ranging from scientific to industrial.  In creating mapping products, OSI and ARE share a common technical language and employ a similar post-acquisition toolbox allowing efficient integration of sonar/LiDAR data into final products resulting in cost-effective provision of high-end mapping services.

. . . “Since we were introduced in 2018, OSI has had nothing but positive interactions with the ARE/AirShark drone-LiDAR team.  After a short time, it was obvious that the companies are a great fit, offering complementary services with a similar mindset on data quality and project communication.  Utilizing company-owned, state-of-the-art instrumentation, the OSI/ARE team can accurately map the intertidal zone and other difficult-to-access water’s edge features. “

Bob Wallace, Sr. Project Manager, Ocean Surveys, Inc.

Example 1: Bathymetric product that incorporated both aerial drone and multibeam acquisitions.

. . . “Our clients demand detailed, comprehensive products and services.  OSI has decades of demonstrated technical capabilities in areas we frankly do not, such as sonar, bathymetric mapping and multi-beam.  After having met with Bob and others at OSI, it was clear that we needed to try to work effectively together, and they had immediate projects in mind, so we developed a strategy and pushed ahead to meet client needs with complementary turn-key services…” 

Jon Budreski, Director Business Development, ARE


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