Safety Line Harness Drop

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12 Aug 2020

Safe, Reliable and Easy to Deploy

Ever thought about what’s required to set a safety line harness on top of an energized distribution line pole in the field? Between the cost and time of rolling the bucket truck, the inconvenience of shutting down traffic, and the disruption to energized lines, utility providers are looking for new methods to set a safety line harness.

Now, there’s a new way, that’s safe, reliable, and easy to deploy. ARE-AirShark has been testing a method that our clients feel pretty confident with. It took some creative engineering and patience at the controls, but our UAS flight and engineering teams have developed a “Game changer.” The key was in the payload design combined with a customized drone. Below, are some essential considerations for the successful tool:

  1. Carry a large enough sling diameter to set on top of the pole.
  2. Ensure that the safety line itself would not become entangled in the props.
  3. Make certain the aircraft could handle the lift tension without becoming a risk.
  4. Prevent signal interference by correct positioning of flight controllers, receivers, and servos onboard the aircraft.
  5. Verify that the harness release mechanism was reliable…every time.

Check out the video of the demonstration we provided our clients at their training facility.

The next step is to finalize our design for field production. Something we are very excited about. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels as this program progresses into full production.



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