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5 Nov 2018

ARE Acquires FAA Waiver for Night Flights with a UAS

The unmanned aircraft system and drone industry will sleep no more! Due to experience and expertise, ARE-AirShark has received an FAA waiver under Part 107 to operate at night in Class G Airspace (uncontrolled airspace). Nighttime operations open up a whole new world of data collection which had remained impossible during daytime hours. This capability allows ARE-AirShark to use rapid response ability to cater to the customer’s needs. Following the new certification, ARE-AirShark has been involved in several nighttime projects including mapping for Rhode Island College and thermography of a river for AECOM in 2017.

In September, at Rhode Island College, an ARE-AirShark certified flight team performed day and night flights of photogrammetry mapping of 175 acres of the college campus. The team worked swiftly to create an orthoimage of the entire campus for a lighting study and to gain enough overlap for the raw point cloud for the area of interest.

The data was delivered within 3 weeks of the project in order to ensure environmental factors did not affect results. Tighe & Bond used the deliverables for the lighting study.

Later in the year, ARE-AirShark worked with AECOM in Canterbury, Connecticut to complete EO and IR mapping of the landfill bordering the Quinebaug River with the Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 1 with XT. The project’s duration took an estimated 8 hours to complete. This saved around 50 hours of work in contrast to traditional methods surveying 175 acres of the college campus. AECOM was then able to utilize the deliverables gathered by ARE-AirShark to better allocate their time and funds for inundation remediation.

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