Unique Bridge Inspection

  • UAS

29 Oct 2018

Members of our flight team; Ian Ray and Will Rasid, got the opportunity to fly a unique bridge inspection.

The large steel arch bridge structure is different than a lot of bridge projects ARE works on. With the massive scale; over 2,000 feet in length and almost 300 feet high, the bridge gave our UAS team the opportunity to do something rare in our line of business. They were able to fly inside the abutments. At the highest points, the ceilings in the abutments are over 80 feet high. These “rooms” are so large that a UAS can be flown inside to get visuals on hard to reach areas. Our team was able to do the inspection safer, faster, and more accurately than ever before.

The picture showcases the rare flight that the team was able to take! The mission went well with Ian and Will getting the footage they needed for the abutment inspection. It’s very cool to see what can be done utilizing UAS for bridge inspections and different projects we’re working on. This industry is becoming very innovative, and it’s exciting to see what the future will bring!

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