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17 Mar 2020

Rail Management Portal

AREview™ Rail Management Portal  (RMP) is designed to maximize rail bridge maintenance return on investment by improving overall rail bridge management workflow, organization, document accessibility, and transparency. Here’s a list of the top 5 features:

1. Bridge Management

RMP is built to help railroads follow their Bridge Management Program. Easily see the status of all inspections, prepare and store initial and final inspection reports, track bridge inventory and store all pertinent documentation for each bridge. It accommodates special inspections, such as emergency response and interim inspections for bridges that require monitoring. RMP adds efficiency to railroad bridge report preparation, report analysis, and report retrieval which facilitates an efficient decision-making process. Using pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets to manage reports can be inefficient and a huge waste of time. These outdated techniques and methods can add hours of work to your day once you add up the impact of lost paperwork, documenting procedures by hand, combing through files to construct reports, finding photos and data entry. RMP can eliminate many of these inefficiencies. Automation speeds up the reporting process and helps your engineering and maintenance-of-way team to make quicker, more informed decisions.

2. Photo Library

A picture is worth a thousand words, and RMP is built to capture the story of each railroad bridge in a catalog of pictures that trace bridge conditions over time. The ability to reference pictures to see how conditions are progressing is priceless. With our mobile application, photos are taken in the field and tagged to a bridge and its structures. The mobile app syncs with our web app to automatically push your photos directly to the web app. From the web app, photos can be tagged/applied to any conditions, notes, recommendations, and work performed. The photos can be reviewed in the field or in the office. Photos are associated with each bridge for each yearly inspection.

3. Transparency

ARE’s bridge inspectors and engineers are using AREview™ to process 2020 bridge inspections. One of the greatest features that they are enjoying is better visibility into the health of each bridge. By being able to view inspection data and photos in real-time, they can easily see bridge condition changes and react quickly. RMP makes the data from a bridge inspection available for viewing immediately if connected to a decent cell signal or internet connection. Instead of having to search through file folders and paper files, they are able to retrieve bridge plans, repair documents, and prior years’ photos right in the web application with just a couple clicks. Repair recommendations and planning are prepared right in RMP and retrievable by bridge, subdivision or railroad.

4. Communication

Communicating bridge issues and repair recommendations to railroads on time and efficiently can be critical to their bottom line. RMP is built to report conditions in real-time, allowing engineers to respond immediately and manage repairs to avoid or minimize train operation disruptions. Railroad and subdivision contact information is maintained in the web app so that photos, bridge plans, and repair documentation can be shared and reviewed easily. As repairs are completed, photo documentation is immediately accessible to the engineers who verify the completion of repairs.

5. Recommendations

AREview™ RMP provides easy access to railroad bridge recommendations and preliminary cost by bridge, subdivision, and railroad. RMP’s planning tools cut the time of building annual budgets through maps showing high priority recommendations and editable cost estimates. View recommendations and costs in a list format where each recommendation is linked to photos showing the conditions and repair/maintenance need. Update costs in the list view to plan your annual capital requirements. Track repairs as part of the annual inspection process, store budgets, repair plans and contractor documentation all in a single place. Railroad bridge health is easily tracked through monitoring, repair tracking, capital planning, and timber bridge rating updates. Information is stored by bridge, subdivision, and railroad, in an easy to navigate cloud-based web portal.

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