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AREview™ consists of a Rail Management Portal and a Project Management Portal. The software is designed to improve overall project management workflow, collaboration among stakeholders, organization, document accessibility, and transparency.

Project Management Portal

AREview™ Project Management Portal (PMP) is the preferred self-service software platform for construction management and analytics using UAS (drones). With growing amounts of data, advances in sensors, UAS and data management, it can be a challenge to translate data into actionable and meaningful information. Whether in the office, at home or in the field, AREview™ PMP allows project stakeholders to work together to plan, upload, view, annotate, manage and share geospatial information. In addition to identifying, measuring, tracking and sharing various project details, now you can obtain immediate insight into actionable information from derived analytics.

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Rail Management Portal

  • Reports, Bridge Management Plans, ratings, photos, digitally stored in one location
  • Rail bridge asset tracking like never before
  • Intuitive dashboards to track inspections
  • Secure data in one location for improved collaboration
  • Searchable repository at all levels of the asset

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Railroad Bridge Inspection Mobile App

Coming soon to the AREview™ software suite. Contact us to learn more.

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