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Rail Management for the Digital Age

AREview™ Rail Management Portal  (RMP) is designed to maximize rail bridge maintenance return on investment by improving overall rail bridge management workflow, organization, document accessibility, and transparency. The portal provides a view into overall railroad bridge health:

• Current conditions

• Inspection and repair status

• Overall bridge management planning

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Railroad Bridge Management

Built for Engineers, by Engineers

  • Inspection trip planning
  • Inspection data collection from your mobile device
  • One central repository
  • Real-time reporting
  • Notifications among team members

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Bridge Inspection Software

Photos Practically Manage Themselves

  • Assign photos to specific bridge components
  • Tag photos in the field on your mobile device
  • Assign images to conditions
  • Photos automatically transfer into a report

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software photo management

Manage Data Effortlessly

The management portal gives you instant access to:

  • Inspection status
  • FRA compliant reports
  • Geotagged inspection images
  • Budgets
  • Repair recommendations
  • View current and historical images in a few clicks

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