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2 Apr 2020

Built for Digital Transformation & Intelligent Enterprise

AREview™ Rail Management Portal (RMP) is a digital asset management software created by engineers for engineers to automate infrastructure asset risk detection and management processes.

Railroads were quick to understand how industrial automation and business process automation affect the bottom line. And now, railroads are major consumers of technology.

The reasons to invest are obvious. Technology enables business growth, efficiency, and in turn, profitability. Now, with all these investments, railroads are facing a big challenge—how to connect all this data and business processes together.

Railroads are focusing on software integrations, for good reasons. Human safety, customer care and business operations all need to come together for railroads to effectively compete.

At ARE, we understood from the start, integrating our software is key to our success. AREview™ RMP is built for railroads in the age of intelligent enterprise to do just that—connect data and people.

By some estimates, software integration is projected to account for more than half of the time and money spent on building digital platforms. According to Grand View Research and Gartner, iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is expected to be one of the fastest-growing software segments. Why?

Simple. The return on investment businesses get from integrating software gives them more bang for the buck. Building software infrastructure and developing new functionality is expensive and time-consuming. It makes sense to capitalize on the work others have already done.

AREview™ RMP is built to offer infrastructure management professionals just that—connect insights into assets in the age of Intelligent Enterprise. It’s built by engineers, for engineers, to manage infrastructure assets. AREview™ RMP’s core competency is its data architecture and feature set.

Integration with AREview™ RMP extends the current capabilities of legacy systems to impact the bottom line with new tools. No other battle-tested asset management software on the market provides the real-time analytics and off-line capabilities that AREview™ RMP offers.


AREview™ RMP utilizes Amazon Web Services to provide unparalleled access to existing cloud infrastructure, new technologies like iOT, and unprecedented edge computing capabilities.

AREview™ RMP is built on one simple principle—we listen. We listen to our engineers. We listen to our business partners. We listen to our clients. And this approach is how we avoid the pitfalls of software integration.

At the heart of any business, a decision is business need. Once this need is clearly understood, informed decisions can transform business process to meet that need and meet your goal. We get it.

No matter how agile or innovative a company is, there has to be some recognition of what is working. We can think of business success as having a momentum, like a river that is flowing towards business success.

At ARE, we work to keep your business moving forward and improve your bottom line. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to software integration. Software integration starts with listening.

We minimize scope to maximize the value we can add to your organization.

We look for ways to simplify software integration and mitigate the impact. After all, change is hard, maybe the hardest thing an organization goes through. Nobody likes disruption without rewards.

Why ARE for software integrationWhether your organization is looking for a data-centric solution or heavy workflow integration, risk management or capital improvement planning, AREview™ RMP integrations are designed to meet your business needs.

We understand what’s at stake. We look at software integration like a partnership. As a partner, we look at risk as a two-way street. When it comes to software integration, our business success depends on your business success.

From the outside, engineers can seem like obsessive, worried people. They wake up in the middle of the night thinking about a construction detail or a specification. We understand. It’s in our DNA.

Caring isn’t something you can fake. Engineers are trained to care, you might say. Human health and public safety intersect with infrastructure management in mission-critical ways.

The goal of AREview™ RMP is to help people make the right decisions at the right time.

The combined experience our team brings to infrastructure management is baked-in to AREview™ RMP. What that means is a no-nonsense approach to what really matters.

In the industry, our engineers have pioneered new ways of getting better insights with drone technologies, real-time reporting, and innovative data-based inspection techniques to drive proprietary analytics.

At the end of the day, behind all the fuss, our organization prides itself on the most important resource—our people. We hire the best. We train them. We cultivate their innate abilities. ARE is really about the people we have working on our team.

Our leadership has made it a priority to find good people with integrity and fierce commitment to team. That culture of teamwork and shared responsibility is what you feel with ARE. And that is the best reason of all to integrate AREview™ RMP into your organization’s bag of tools.

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