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19 Apr 2019

Author: Katelyn Wood, Marketing Coordinator 

UAS LiDAR Services for Bridge Inspection

After receiving his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Dave Anderson entered the professional world of engineering and bridges. This became his passion. Angel Lucero received her B.S. in Business and Finance from California State University-Long Beach. After graduating she started her career in marketing and finance. Soon their professional paths would cross.

After over 27 years of experience working for HNTB as a Design Engineer and as Vice President, Anderson decided it was time to make his own way in the industry with the help of Lucero. With over 17 years of marketing and financial management experience, Lucero was the perfect partner. In July of 2005 Anderson and Lucero founded American Rail Consultants (ARC) to service program management, inspections and reports for short-line railroads.

Once the company was created the duo connected with Steven Youschak. Youschak was experienced in engineering and business development and was soon recruited to join the team. Youschak assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer based in Southern California at the time.

In January of 2014 AirShark, a UAV/drone company, had opened their doors for business in Vermont. AirShark was considered a pioneer in their industry and began to grow rapidly. With their custom-built UAV’s, AirShark performed infrastructure inspections and mapping for local utility companies and engineering firms.

In 2016, AirShark was acquired by MediaWing, a full-service UAV data collection company founded by Fred Depuy. This expanded MediaWing’s back-office capability and understanding of sensors. AirShark became the brand name for MediaWing’s UAV flight services and data post processing.


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