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16 Jul 2019

Author: Fred Depuy, COO

Empowering Ingenuity™️. These words hold a special meaning to our team here at ARE.  It’s more than just our slogan, it’s our culture, our vision, and our purpose.  To us, it embodies an environment of continual learning and opportunity for our employees to be creative, inventive and to look beyond the ordinary. It helps us in our constant endeavor to bring new ideas and proven methods to the markets we serve, to be reminded that the catalyst for this is provided by our employees.  It helps guide and ground us.  The CEO of our company, Dave Anderson, PE, believes that, “the key to our success is allowing ARE’s employees to explore new ways of using their collective expertise and emerging technology to provide better solutions.” We are fortunate to have a mentor who leads by example and gives his people the chance to test their own theories.  It’s always good to be challenged.

ARE consists of three unique yet complementary value streams, engineering, UAS (drones) and software. Each value stream can operate independently or collectively as a packaged solution, empowering our clients to make more informed decisions. It’s here that our slogan once again reminds us of its purpose. The value streams that make up our company act as the foundation (anchors) as ARE transitions from a service-only business to a technology and software solutions provider. We refer to this as our future-state value proposition in which we are providing cutting-edge solutions for data collection, processing and reporting, with accuracy and precision, faster than ever before.

Current State Value Proposition:  ARE simplifies the process of collecting, managing and utilizing information, through on-site engineering, UAS technology and software solutions for the infrastructure and environmental markets. Through customized deliverables, we provide clients with the insight and data to help manage their assets.

In fact, our slogan led us to create the company’s tag line… The Intelligence You Need to Make Informed Decisions™️.  This is a reflection of how important it is to provide reliable information in a way that mitigates the risk in how decisions are made.  And we’re making sure that this is a constant reminder (feedback loop) to our employees as we strive for a better way, a way which allows us to do what we do, more consistently.

Slogans can have a funny way of being interpreted.  For our people, and our clients, it’s a means of aligning our values with our actions.  Actions we trust will reinforce the reputation of ARE as an industry leader.

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