The preferred self-service software platform for construction management and analytics using UAS. The AREview™ Project Management Portal (PMP) provides our customers with advanced construction and asset management analytics by leveraging the latest technologies of cloud processing, machine learning and feature extraction across desktop and mobile devices.

Progress Tracking

Capture periodic data from the project site to track progress and detect anomalies, deviations, etc. Generate progress reports for ongoing projects.

progress tracking

Volumetric Analysis

Measure the volume of aggregates on site. Track consumption vs. progress, replenish stocks in time to avoid project delays, ensuring accurate billing.

measure volume

Issue Tracking

With the cloud-based system, all stakeholders can track issues, how they are addressed and avoid unnecessary manual inspection.

Asset management

Central Monitoring of Projects

Gigabytes of site data at your fingertips on web and mobile devices. The data sets can be either huge raster or vector files. Either works. It also provides the ability to capture and store both as-built and as-designed data sets in the same, secure, encrypted, password-protected, centralized location. This makes access seamless.

CADD overlay

Utilizes Feature Extraction

Utilize sophisticated machine learning and feature extraction algorithms to locate and count valuable assets.

artificial intelligence

The Complete Project Monitoring Solution

ARE has a team of professional pilots with top-of-the-line drones and sensors.  We’ll capture the data you need on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, process it and upload it to the Project Management Portal. From there, you and your team will gain access to view your secure data, make annotations, collaborate, analyze and generate reports, all while tracking the life cycle of your project from one location. Contact us today to speak with someone about your next project.


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