Introduction of AREview™ Project Management Portal

With growing amounts of data, advances in sensors, UAS, and data management, it can be a challenge to translate data into actionable and meaningful information. Whether in the office, at home, or in the field, AREview™ Project Management Portal (PMP) allows project stakeholders to work together to plan, upload, view, annotate, manage and share geospatial information. In this webinar, Lead GIS Analyst, Tayler Engel will provide an introduction to this NEW cloud-based platform that allows better project management, collaboration, and organization using your UAS (drone) data.

Introduction to AREview™ Rail Management Portal

Taylor Lucero, presents the intricacies and benefits of ARE’s NEW rail software platform, AREview™ Rail Management Portal (RMP). Learn how AREview™ RMP can help manage your rail asset and improve capital planning.

UAS Data for Right-of-Way Asset Management

Our presenters include Tayler Engel, Lead GIS Analyst and Ian Ray, Director of UAS Technology /Lead UAS Pilot, discussing the intricacies and benefits of integrating UAS data into a right-of-way asset and vegetation management.

UAS Case Study for Beach Erosion Management

Presenters are Taylor Engel, ARE’s Lead GIS Analyst / UAS Pilot, and Mitch Buck P.E., Woods Hole Group’s Coastal Engineer host a webinar case study on LiDAR and photogrammetry applications focusing of beach shoreline monitoring on the Siasconset Bluff in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Five Considerations When Building a UAS Program

In this 45-minute webinar our team of professional UAS pilots, Certified Flight Instructors, engineers, and data analysts will show you how we can help improve your organization’s safety, capabilities, and competitive edge with customizable UAS training and consulting services.

Intro to UAS Training Webinar

Whether you are just getting started or looking to advance your capabilities, we have the experience and expertise to take your program to the next level. Join us on the webinar to learn more about how ARE can help train your team.

UAS LiDAR Applications

Ian Ray and Tayler Engel explore example applications of UAS LiDAR. With special guest Amy Macrellis, Senior Water Quality Specialist at Stone Environmental, you’ll get an in-depth look at a case study where UAS LiDAR was utilized to capture terrain data through heavy vegetation.

UAS for Utilities – Post-Storm Assessment

Sam Johnson discusses the use of UAS and technologically advanced sensors for infrastructure inspections within an urban environment. Learn how to overcome the challenges of flight operations in a busy community, innovative ways to increase efficiency, how the flight crew documented the data collection and created an up-to-date inventory for the utility company.

UAS Applications for Bridge Inspections

Our presenters include, Sam Johnson, Director of UAS Operations, and Nick Ray, EIT, Lead Bridge Inspector & UAS Pilot, discussing the intricacies and benefits of the utilization and implementation of UAS into the inspection and engineering workflow within the railroad and highway bridge spaces.