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1 May 2018

ARE-AirShark worked with Woods Hole Group to complete a shoreline survey using aerial LiDAR and photogrammetry of over six miles of the Nantucket coast. The mapping was part of the Baxter Road and Sconset Bluff Stabilization Project, implemented by the Sconset Beach Preservation Fund (SBPF).

The mission was flown by a two-person ARE flight crew over the course of 12 hours. Traditional survey transects were also taken at various positions across the bluff, beach, and down to approximately 10 feet below mean low tide. These transects were compared to the UAS generated data and excellent correlation was found. Both UAS methods proved to be more effective than the transects on steep portions of the bluff, due to the lack of access for surveyors which required significant interpolation of the ground survey data. This shoreline inspection will further help the SBPF to take steps to help prevent erosion and to keep the beaches safe for the public.

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