Data Processing

In house GIS, LiDAR, drone mapping software and image processing turning your data into information.

More than Just Data

ARE provides drone mapping services and data processing to outside clients as well as in house data processing to generate:

  • Point clouds
  • DSM (Digital Surface Models)
  • DEM (Digital Elevation Models)
  • DTM (Digital Terrain Models)
  • Orthomosaic images
  • GIS
  • Data Consulting services

Our data processing will get you the information that you need in a format that you can work with.

CAD Feature Extraction

Our professional engineers can take your point cloud data to the next level by doing 2D and 3D feature extraction. We deliver this data in the format that fits your current workflow.


Our GIS Specialists take your drone mapping data and create GIS products in datasets of all sizes and types, such as, coastal erosion, storm damaged forestry, transmission lines, college campuses, mountainous terrain and more. Click below to learn more about ARE’s GIS Capabilities.

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Maximize the ROI for your Environmental and Structural Assets

Our outside-the-box approach to solving engineering and data collection challenges results in impactful solutions.